9 Pricing and Royalty Information

Pricing at the Bookstores

As a self-publisher, when you make your own book and distribute it yourself, you have the freedom to price your book however you’d like. However, the price point you set may have a direct impact on how many people buy it. Royalties at each of the bookstores are complex, based on how you price your book. Some bookstores take different royalties when your book is sold in certain countries or charge a fee deducted from your royalties based on your book’s megabyte file size.

You can find the most current pricing and royalty information for each of the major bookstores at the links below.

  • Kindle[1]
  • Kobo[2]
  • Google Play[3]
  • Nook Press[4] (Click on “How Much Will I Get Paid?”)
  • Apple: Apple’s royalty information is only accessible from inside the publishing interface once you’ve signed up. As of press time, they take 30%.
  • IngramSpark[5]

Pricing Your Ebook

What’s the best price for your ebook? Recent research[6] by Smashwords suggested a literal answer: between $2.99 and $4.99.

But there are many complex factors to consider–do readers need your book? Are you already a known author? At what price point will they take a chance on a book they haven’t heard of? Or make an impulse buy? How much did you invest in producing your book and how many copies do you expect to sell?

You’ll have to weigh these unknowns and decide for yourself.

The great thing is, if you discover a price point isn’t optimal, as a self-publisher, you can change it easily by going into the dashboard of your ebookstore(s).


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